Meet Kylie

Meet Kylie, an inspiration single Mother with a heart of Gold.

Never Give Up

"Set Free Saved Me"

Meet our dear friend Kylie.

Kylie is a single Mother of two wonderful sons.

Kylie first came to Set Free Care after fleeing domestic violence interstate.

She arrived in a Ute, with two boys and a dog. She was afraid, anxious and totally unsure of what her next step would be.

Her heart was to try and secure some stability for her sons as they had known so much instability up to this point.

Kylie attended the community services support day and was able to register with a number of support agencies.

Although her journey has been without struggles, it has truly been inspiring to witness. Her courage and bravery to keep strong for her sons has been incredible.

Kylie now lives with her boys in her own property and is still a big part of what Set Free Care is all about. The fact that she continues to come in and volunteer and give back is a credit to her, and a true testament to the power of a supportive community.