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Set Free Care celebrates the stories within our community. Inspirational stories of our volunteers and staff who have had to overcome tough times to achieve their goals. We believe that there are many more stories to be told by our current patrons, and we hope to share these stories with the wider community as these stories are shared. We hope that these stories inspire you, as they inspire us every day at Set Free Care.
John 15:12

Our story

Set Free Care

Set Free Care Community Hub is a drop in Centre in the Southport  CBD.
Our Charity exists to provide a safe, supportive and  accepting environment for vulnerable people within the Southport and wider  Gold Coast community. We value each visitor and strive to allow people the  opportunity to maintain their own dignity and offer pathways to professional services.

By the provision of basic human needs such as meals,  showers, connection and a caring heart, we are able to truly care for the  most vulnerable in our community. We are a charity that believes in biblical  principles and the life changing love that God has for us.
We love the one's in front of us, and hope that we can make a meaningful difference in their life.

Community Partners

It is our great pleasure to partner with these organizations.
Please click the link to other services within the homelessness network.

Meet the team

Serving & Caring

Our Staff at Set Free Care is dedicated to helping others.
In 2021 we were able to support over 10,000 people. This is a great achievement for our organization.

However our true strength is in our volunteers.
We are very blessed to have such hard working and vibrant volunteer base.
Our culture of acceptance and empowerment is felt throughout our charity.

Set Free Care leadership group is a family. Malcolm and Edith Kennedy have served this ministry for many years and now their son in law Sharne Parata serves alongside them.

Their family has continued to work harmoniously with the common goal of helping people to achieve their potential.

Sharne Parata

Director of Set Free Care

Sharne Parata is the Director of Set Free Care and has over 16 years experience in the community services sector on the Gold Coast.

Malcolm Kennedy

Director Of set free care

Mal Kennedy has been leading Set Free Care since 2001. His dedication, passion and heart is evident from the moment you meet him.

Edith Christine Kennedy

Director and Operations Manager

Edith Kennedy has an Associate Degree in Counselling and has over 29 years of ministry experience with people of all walks of life.