Set free care

The Shop

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 10am - 3pm

SHOP is an acronym for 'Simply Help Other People'

We now help to hand out discounted pantry packs, discounted clothing through our Op Shop (shOP), free laundry service through Orange Sky Laundry agency, and the availability of services from across the Gold Coast including government and non-government agencies.
Donate your unwanted items
We love to receive donations of clean clothes in good condition, as well as any other smaller items.
To donate simply bring your items to shOP during opening hours. There is also a black donation bin to the left of our building entrance.
Set Free Care OpShop

Need food for home?

Pantry Box Icon

Pantry Packs

Pantry packs are a $15 pack of a variety of pantry items, stock varies week to week but items in the pack can include cereal, a meal base either rice or pasta, some snack food and sometimes something sweet. When available pantry packs also come with extra items, these can include fridge items such as fresh milk and/or freezer items such as chicken and/or fruit n veg. These extra items are subject to availability.

When are pantry packs available?

Monday to Friday

10am - 3pm
The Shop - 21 Rawlins street Southport